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Serving Pregnancy Resource Centers in North Carolina and Wisconsin this past week!

I spent the weekend with 1st Choice. They had their annual banquet on May 4th. They did a wonderfuk job incorporating some fun with a star wars theme. They even had custom light sabres made for everyone. (If I wasn't flying, I certain would have taken one home.). I have a picture of what it looked like with the lights out. The banquet was wonderful and they were so gracious. I even found out later that one of my friends went to high school there and his mom was actually in attendance! I wish I would have known that. I asked him what she thought of the night and she said...

"He's funny and a great encourageer/motivator."

Then the next day, they extended the excitement and hosted an "Open Mic" comedy competition with some staff, volunteers, and friends of the program. That went extremely well. In fact, it was surprising how well so many of them did. We laughed a lot and raised even more money for their incredible work.

I came home for a couple days, and then I was off to Hayward, Wisconsin. They hosted their annual banquet at a place called "The Steakhouse" and it's address is 1 T-Bone Lane. Needless to say, I was faily excited. This was their first time hiring someone to speak at their banquet. They were very pleased with the result and I was happy that they took the leap of faith to go for it!

They were a typical, incredibly friendly, northwoods group. Many people came up to speak to me after the event. It was great to celebrate with them as they changed their name, changed their logo, and announced their new location! They had hosted a logo contest and a bunch of youth entered it. Youth also helped with decorations and even home made chocolates! Super cool!

One of their board members caught me after the banquet and was excited to tell me that their was a sweet older lady that told her this was the best banquet she had ever been to.

I had a blast this past week and I'm excited to help out the next few places!!

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