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I love comics, but especially those that are deeper than their craft. Tim Boyd is a comic who can be trusted to do a fundraiser. He knows how to make an event all about your organization. That puts him into a 2% group of specialists. His disarming style reminds me of Jerry Seinfeld in his early years. He is totally clean and knows how to work with audiences of all ages. Tim might be the next big deal in comedy fundraising.

Mike G. Williams

Author of How To Fearlessly & Successfully Ask For Money, Award-winning Speaker, and Generosity Catalyst


Wow! What an event Saturday night! Please accept my heartfelt appreciation for your recent performance last Saturday night. Many people commented that the comedy was just superb, hilarious and enjoyed it very much. Everyone had so much fun and that was our goal to love and laugh! 
Your gift of performance blessed all of the guests who in turn bless Solve's mission financially. Consider yourself as a lifesaver and part of our family! Gifts such as yours make our mom's and babies dreams possible! Thank you for sharing our passion for life for both children and their mothers! 

Peggy Kerwin, Executive Director, Solve Maternity Homes, Bradenton & Sarasota, FL


It is with much enthusiasm that I recommend Tim Boyd for your next fundraising event. Tim is personable and fun to work with. He will take the time to learn about your organization and your fundraising needs and goals. His financial appeal is thoughtful and inspiring. If you are looking for a “funny guy” look no further. Tim’s “appropriate” humor will have everyone in “stitches”. Our fundraising banquets, yes banquets, we had two, were great successes. Everyone enjoyed a much-needed laugh, and we exceeded our fundraising goals.


Jill Althizer, Executive Director, Helping Hands Pregnancy & Parenting Resource Center, Oakhurst & Mariposa, CA


Tim Boyd served as the headliner for our Clean Comedy for a Cause event. Tim was easy to work with, assisted with the marketing and promotion, was engaged during the event, and reasonable with his fees.


A born story-teller, Tim reflects back daily life to us and he's just flat out funny. From chuckles to belly laughs, he kept our audience engaged and the material was suitable for all ages. His website offers video clips so you can easily see his style. We used those clips in promoting our event.


Tim Boyd has steadily increased his status and audiences in the comedy world. There's a reason why - he's a good comedian. 


Dr. Bruce Blumer, Co-Founder of Haiti Alive, author, and fellow Preacher's Kid. 


My friend Tim Boyd is first a preacher and second a comedian. He’s quickly learning how to combine his two loves. We’ve enjoyed having Tim as a guest preacher at all four of our weekend services at New Day Christian Church in Port Charlotte, FL. He keeps us all in stiches and then hits us with poignant lessons from God’s Word.

Rusty Russell, Lead Pastor, New Day Christian Church, Port Charlotte, FL


Tim came and hung out with us for an evening at our intimate community theatre venue. He was able to connect with our “family reunion” of an audience...grandpas and grandmas, young kids and kids at heart, as well as theatre people who all think they’re the most entertaining people in the room to begin with. Tim proved us wrong....ha! He was charming, delightful and brought on the belly laughs for the whole room. What a fun show!

Board Member, Le Mars Community Theatre, Le Mars, IA


There's a lot bothering Tim Boyd.... but it's the stuff that makes us chuckle because it hits home. Whether debating muffins vs. vegetables or being bested by greeting cards, Tim's warm and witty comedy is a breath of fresh air with broad appeal. I can't wait to book him again! 

Kathy McSteen,

Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 8.28.03 AM.png

Finding joy in the seemingly insignificant, Tim Boyd's comedy delights young and old alike. His humble and insightful style was a breath of fresh air to our crowd, and his down-to-earth personality drew us in even before his performance began. Invite Tim to your venue today--you'll be glad you did!

Clayton Lundstedt, Minister at Wymore Church of Christ, Wymore, NE


Tim is an exceptional comedian. He is a very likeable and relatable person, and it really shows in his comedy. I had him come and do a show for an outreach event our church did, and it was a great success! The most common comment I heard from those who attended was, “He has the ability to relate in such a way it’s as if I have known him my whole life.” Tim doesn’t have to try to be funny, he naturally is funny. Tim is about the joy that laughter brings and the connection that is fosters. Even more than being an exceptional comedian, Tim is an exceptional person. 

Dan Daugherty, Broad Creek Christian Church, New Bern, NC

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