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5 Reasons to Hire a Comedian for Your Fundraising Banquet

Updated: Feb 8

  1. Happy people are more generous. All year long, your organization is helping people. Helping people is a messy business filled with all types of letdowns, sacrifices, and troubles. However, you are also changing peoples lives! That needs to be celebrated at your banquet. Donors should leave encouraged and happy about what they get to contribute to!

  2. Your community grows closer with "inside jokes." It's right there in the name! A good comedian will give you a hearty supply of memorable stories and lines that will pop up in conversations for the next year. This is a tremendous way to create community!

  3. Comedy is "in" right now. I recently attended a show with a clean comedian who sold out a 20,000 seat arena...twice in one day! People are craving good, clean laughs!

  4. Your donors will leave feeling good. Your donors are changing the world for the better. Let them celebrate that with you! A comedian is a specialist in bringing a whole community "up!"

  5. A good comedian connects very well with an audience. A comedian is an expert in connection. A side-effect of having a comedian (who focuses on your mission) is building your community relationships even stronger!

What else would you add?

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