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Fundraising Tips: 5 Things Every Donor Wants to Know About Your Nonprofit

Updated: Feb 8

There are several key pieces of information about a nonprofit organization before deciding to contribute. These include:

  1. Mission and Impact: Donors want to understand your nonprofit's mission and the impact it's making in the community or the cause it serves. They want to know what specific problem your organization is addressing and how you're addressing it.

  2. Financial Health: Donors want to know about your nonprofit's financial health. This includes information about your budget, revenue sources, expenses, and any financial challenges you may be facing. Providing financial statements and reports can help build trust with donors.

  3. Programs and Activities: Donors want to know about the specific programs and activities your nonprofit conducts to achieve its mission. They may want details about the beneficiaries you serve, the services you provide, and the outcomes you've achieved.

  4. Success Stories and Testimonials: Donors are often interested in hearing success stories and testimonials from the people your nonprofit has helped. Sharing stories of impact can illustrate the real-world results of your work and inspire donors to contribute.

  5. Future Plans and Sustainability: Donors want to know about your nonprofit's plans for the future and how you plan to sustain your programs and activities over the long term. This may include information about fundraising strategies, expansion plans, and potential challenges or opportunities on the horizon.

By providing clear and comprehensive information on these topics, nonprofits can build trust with donors and demonstrate their commitment to making a positive impact in their communities. Fundraisers need to know this!

Donors at Fundraising Banquet

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