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8 Items to Consider When Deciding to Start the Speaking Part of a Fundraising Banquet

Updated: Feb 8

When deciding to start the speaking portion of a fundraising banquet after the food is served, there are several important factors to consider to ensure the event runs smoothly and maximizes its impact:

  1. Timing: Ensure that guests have had enough time to enjoy their meal before starting the speaking portion. Aim for a balance between allowing guests to savor their food and not keeping them waiting too long before the program begins.

  2. Comfort of guests: Consider the comfort of your guests when scheduling the speaking portion. Starting the speeches too soon after serving food may make guests feel rushed or uncomfortable if they haven't finished eating.

  3. Logistics: Coordinate with the catering staff to ensure that the transition from dinner service to the speaking portion is smooth. Clear any remaining plates or serving dishes from the tables to create a clean space for the speakers.

  4. Seating arrangements: Arrange the seating in a way that facilitates the transition from dining to listening to speeches. Ensure that guests have a clear view of the stage or podium and can hear the speakers without distraction.

  5. Program flow: Plan the order of speakers and presentations in advance to maintain a cohesive and engaging program. Consider the length of each speech and allow for breaks or intermissions if necessary to keep guests attentive.

  6. Energy level: Take into account the energy level of the room when deciding when to begin the speaking portion. Starting too late when guests are tired may result in decreased attention and engagement.

  7. Purpose of the event: Consider the purpose of the fundraising banquet and how the speaking portion fits into achieving your goals. If the speeches are a crucial part of inspiring donations or conveying important information about the cause, ensure they are given adequate time and attention.

  8. Audiovisual requirements: Check the audiovisual setup and technical requirements for the speaking portion to ensure that everything is in place and functioning properly before guests are seated for dinner.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision about when to start the speaking portion of a fundraising banquet after the food is served, creating an enjoyable and impactful experience for your guests.

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