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Consider These Items When Planning Your Fundraising Banquet's Order of Events

Updated: Feb 8

Planning a fundraising banquet involves careful consideration of various elements to ensure a successful and engaging event. Here's an outline of items to consider when planning the order of events for your fundraising banquet:


Welcome and Registration:


1.       Greet attendees as they arrive.

Provide name tags and event materials.

Consider having a registration area for check-ins.

Opening Reception:


2.       Allow time for attendees to mingle and network.

Consider having appetizers and drinks available.

Opening Remarks:


3.       Welcome attendees and express gratitude for their support.

Introduce key organizers and VIPs.

Set the tone for the evening.

Dinner Service:


4.       Provide a well-timed break for a seated dinner.

Consider incorporating speeches or video presentations during the meal.

Keynote Speaker:


5.       Introduce a guest speaker who can inspire and share the mission.

Ensure the speaker aligns with your cause and resonates with the audience.

Testimonials or Success Stories:


6.       Feature individuals who have benefited from your organization's work.

Share impactful stories to connect emotionally with the audience.

Live Auction or Silent Auction:


7.       Conduct an auction to raise funds.

Have an engaging auctioneer and compelling items for bidding.

Appeal for Donations:


8.       Make a direct and heartfelt request for financial support.

Use videos, personal stories, or testimonials to emphasize the impact of donations.

9.       Entertainment:

Include entertainment to keep the audience engaged.

This could be a musical performance, comedian, or other forms of entertainment.

Acknowledgment of Sponsors and Donors:


10.   Recognize and thank event sponsors and major donors.

Display sponsor logos or mention them during the program.

Interactive Activities:


11.   Incorporate activities that engage attendees.

This could include games, a photo booth, or other interactive elements.


12.   Closing Remarks:

Summarize the purpose of the event and the impact of the funds raised.

Express gratitude to attendees, sponsors, and volunteers.


13.   Call to Action:

Encourage attendees to continue supporting the cause after the event.

Provide information on how to stay involved or make additional donations.


14.   Closing Reception:

Allow time for attendees to socialize and network.

Provide light refreshments or desserts.


15.   Follow-Up:

Send thank-you emails to attendees, sponsors, and volunteers.

Provide updates on the funds raised and the impact on your cause.


Remember to tailor the order of events to suit the specific goals and nature of your fundraising banquet. Flexibility is key, and be mindful of the overall flow to keep attendees engaged and motivated to support your cause.

Checklist for Fundraising Banquet

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