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Summer Fundraising Idea: Clean Comedy for Our Cause!

Summer brings a unique opportunity to blend entertainment with philanthropy, and what better way to do so than with a comedy show? Picture warm evenings, a bustling crowd, and laughter echoing through the air—all in the name of supporting a good cause. Hosting a comedy show for donors during the summer months is not only a fantastic way to raise funds but also a chance to bring people together for a memorable and light-hearted experience.

It's not too late! There is plenty of time to put this event together. Wouldn't it be nice to have a boost during the, generally, lean summer months? Get a small group of donors together and ask them to plan out this fun evening.

Shoot big or shoot small!

You could put together a small group of major donors at someone's house. They could host the event with 50 or so people. The comedian will be able to have a fun working with your smaller group and make a personal and memorable evening.

Work with a church or local civic organization and rally the whole town around a super fun evening out during the summer months! Put posters in every shop on Main Street!

Here are a few more reasons to host a fundraising event in the summer:

Community Engagement: Summer often brings communities together for festivals, fairs, and other outdoor activities, providing an opportunity to tap into a larger audience base and foster community engagement.

Vacation Time: Many people take time off work during the summer months, increasing the likelihood of attendance at events.

Seasonal Themes: Summer-themed events can be more easily incorporated into fundraising efforts, such as BBQs, beach parties, or outdoor concerts, adding to the overall appeal of the event.

Boost in Mood: Summer is often associated with positive emotions, relaxation, and a sense of adventure, which can create a more festive atmosphere conducive to fundraising.

Tourism: In many areas, summer brings an influx of tourists, providing an opportunity to reach a broader audience and attract additional support from visitors.

Finally, here's a little "insider info." Often we, comedians, have a lighter schedule in the summer and there's a much better chance that we are open to booking! For instance - this year I have been asked to do 4 fundraising banquets in 4 different states on one night! Of course, that's impossible, so I took one and had to turn the other 3 down!

I'll see YOU this summer!

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