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A Fundraiser in the Summer? Yes! Host a Comedy Night for a Cause!

Your ministry doesn't take the summer off and neither do the people you serve! Why would you take 1/4 of the year and not do a fundraiser? Hosting a "Comedy for a Cause" night at a local venue or church is something that every non-profit should consider adding to their yearly fundraising calendar.

Here is the actual email that I send to people who ask me how to do these:

Here's what I think works best.

1. Find a local church that will let you use their building.  The larger the congregation and the more active the church - the better.  Make sure someone on that church staff is your ally.  I'd choose a smaller church that is willing to promote the event inside and outside the church over a large church that simply lets you use their space.  If you can get the church to show up - that's a built in audience already.  

2. Make sure everyone knows that its "for a cause."  Let them know that the show "benefits" you.  That way they know there will be an ask.  If you choose me to perform - I'm built for this stuff!  haha.  My comedy show, personal story, and ask flow seamlessly and feel like one long comedy show.  I have worked hard to be funny and serious altogether.  I've been a Pastor for 20 years and am now a fundraising professional for my day job.  I can MC the first part by welcoming people and then interviewing your Director and a participant in the ministry.  That will be fun and people will enjoy it. Then I will perform!

3. I like the idea of having ticket sales.  Even if it's $5 each just to be able to track participation.  $20 seems to be a tipping point on what I have seen.  Any higher and people are left out.  Free is obviously fine though!

4. Make a simple card with your info on one side and giving info on the other side. Put it on every chair and have it available as people enter and exit.  This would need to include 3 levels of monthly giving, a spot for one-time giving and also "check this box to have someone contact you about a legacy gift (planned giving).

5. Promote it via word of mouth, social media, local churches, and then if you have a connection to radio, paper, etc.  You could also give out some free tickets on a radio station.

You do a lot of fundraisers. This might be one of the easiest ones you can do. Your ROI (return on investment) will be great!

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