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A Fundraising Event at the End of the Year????

33% of annual giving occurs in December.

12% of ALL giving happens in the last 3 days of December.

Why not do a fundraising event in December? I'm not suggesting that you do your ANNUAL BANQUET in December! Ha! However, why not do something fun around Christmas and New Year's for your top donors...and their friends (who will be looking to make charitable contributions at year end anyway)?

Seriously - don't skip this. I am a trained major donor officer. Most of your funds come from a small group of people. You can't let the year end pass without making one more appeal to them. You also want to get in with their friends. These donors love you so much that they support you financially. Give them the opportunity to invite their friends to a special (smaller) event.

And bring in a comedian who specializes in fundraising. Me. :)

It's not that hard to pull off. It's a tenth of the planning of any other fundraiser that you do. And, you can ask one of your donors to sponsor it. Make this their special project. Let them pay for the comedian. Let them find the venue and work through their network.

Insider info - If you want to book me for it very soon. December fills up quickly.

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José Díaz
José Díaz
a day ago

¡Grandes ideas sobre cómo organizar eventos de recaudación de fondos al final del año! Tus consejos son tanto prácticos como motivadores. Para más estrategias para hacer que tus esfuerzos de recaudación de fondos sean exitosos, ¡visita nuestro blog!

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