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Why bring in someone from the outside to ask for money at your fundraising banquet?

Updated: Feb 8

fundraising banquet

No one loves your non-profit more than you do. No one has spent more time, energy, and prayer on building and maintaining your non-proft than you. Your heart beats for it and you think about it all day long. Why on earth would you fly someone in to ask for money at your annual banquet?

Here are 3 reasons to hire someone to "ask for money."

  1. They are experts at inspiring people to give! Just like you are the professional of your non-profit, a fundraiser is a professional at asking people to support your work. They spend their time, energy, and prayer on perfecting their "ask." For instance, I am currently attending the Lilly School of Philanthropy which is the premiere institution for fundraising professionals in the United States.

  2. They are your biggest cheerleaders! You are probably pretty humble and just pleased to be able to serve God without any recognition. That's awesome! You can't get up there and hype up yourself. Let someone from the outside talk about how great your work is and how important it is to your community. An outside speaker should not take the spotlight. They should shine that spotlight squarely on your non-profit and the AMAZING work you are doing! This is why I spend just over half of my time talking about your impact in the community and how giving that night will help you all be even more successful.

  3. They take the pressure off of you. We all know that planning and executing a banquet is stressful. I've worked with many organizations who spend far more time picking out colors and table settings than they do on the actual program that people are watching. Hiring someone who has done this before relieves the stress of the "show." This is why I work with all my clients well before the banquet to plan out a show that will be great and give them one less thing to worry about. My clients also know that I can handle any odd things that happen during the event (mics, videos, etc). This helps them sleep at night!

These are just a few reasons to hire someone from the outside. The next item to think about is "who" you should hire.

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